Defining both the product and solution, DataMiner by Skyline –enables teams to focus on anything media and broadband, bringing together operators, infrastructure and sound producers.

“The company is focussed on automating, monitoring and processing media and broadband on a technical level,” marketing manager Steven Soenens told IBC. “We integrate with session managers to monitor the end user experience, either directly or indirectly via DataMiner.”


The company has a strong foothold in on-premises infrastructure, he said, with 1,500 customers using its software. But, he says, “what is always missing is the link between top level business processes and operations, and a missing link between operations and the technical infrastructure. We set up automation across those different layers, offering a portal so that customers can automatically provision or request a service.

“We even look into the billing, so that once the order is in, the entire pipeline can be automated to run the service.”

Based on customer requirements, DataMiner automatically deploys services on demand and removes them again as the service as necessary.

As digital transformation comes, so does the need for collaboration – for example, he said, “as occasional services are requested, we can easily and automatically create a Teams channel using Data Miner, inviting all the stakeholders so they can easily work together. This is real time example of fostering collaboration which we’re really proud of.

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