With over 20 hours of research, strategic interviews, presentations, panel discussions and technical papers across two days and two stages, the IBC Conference programme is set to debate the biggest issues, explore the latest trends and technologies, and ask the important questions.

Welcoming game changers and thought leaders from across the content and technology world, the conference programme will take a fresh look at the industry from three perspectives: Shifting Business Models, Transformative Technology and People Making Waves in our Industry.


The IBC Conference 2022, runs on 9 and 10 September

The latest research from the IABM and OMDIA will also provide invaluable data and trend analysis to set the tone for thought-provoking conversation.

Content Lead Jaisica Lapsiwala explains: “A new generation of consumers is shifting their attention from TV broadcasting to digital platforms, which opens up opportunities for new players and is pushing traditional broadcasters to urgently adopt new technologies and adapt their existing strategies. We’re seeing investment into FAST channels, new apps on OTT, moves from SVOD to AVOD, etc. So, understanding which market offer is sustainable and scalable is the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

“As well as strategy and business, the conference will explore the technologies such as AI, OTT, and SaaS that are revolutionising the production and distribution of content, and innovations in the metaverse that could change markets and create entirely new business sectors.

“Finally, our industry is all about people and relationships, so it’s important to have the right mix of experts, entrepreneurs and disruptors in the room, to have a diverse and honest conversation about what’s next.”

 As content creators focus on differentiating their offering and responding to changing consumption trends, attendees will hear from the likes of Google TV, ITV and Zee5, as they share insight into new market offers and the strategic decisions behind them.

 The IBC Conference will also showcase the latest use of technologies propelling our industry forward, including 5G, AI and cloud. Sessions will showcase examples of software taking broadcast into a new technological era, discuss how these new technologies are been used, identify the challenges and explore where these advances bring exciting opportunities for different parts of the industry.

 “Digitalisation is changing the face of our industry and a new ecosystem is emerging,” adds Lapsiwala. “It’s often a challenge to keep up with emerging technologies, who’s acquiring who and what the latest consumer trends are. The IBC Conference is a fantastic opportunity for the entire community to be curious, discover the future together and meet top industry minds who are already adapting their organisations to drive future growth.”

Attendees can expect a particular focus on how broadcasters are managing to be cloud-native or cloud-hybrid; how broadcast is taking full advantage of 5G; how content providers are enforcing environmental criteria into their ecosystem via sports and live production; and the opportunities of the metaverse.

In addition, Disney will discuss its use of AI in production, Globo will share its experience of moving workflows to the cloud, and MediaMonks will deliver its metaverse predictions.

As an industry with people its heart, the IBC Conference will celebrate those making waves, inviting them to share insights, take deep-dives and debate the hottest topics revolutionising content and technology.

Confirmed speakers so far include:

  • Markus Gross, Chief Scientist, Disney Research
  • Deep Bagchee, Chief Product Officer, ITV
  • Faz Aftab, Director, Media & Entertainment Partnerships, Google
  • Renard Jenkins, Senior Vice President, Production Integration and Creative Technology Services, Warner Bros. Discovery 
  • Eddie Drake, Head of Technology, Marvel Studios
  • Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global
  • Michael Wise, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Universal Pictures 
  • Raymundo Barros, CTO, Globo
  • Bill Baggelaar, EVP & CTO, Technology Development, EVP & CTO, Technology Development, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Lewis Smithingham, Senior Vice President of Innovation & Creative Solutions, Media Monks

“It really is an amazing line-up of speakers, invaluable content and the chance to connect and collaborate with top brands and tech pioneers,” enthuses Lapsiwala. “There are a few sessions which have particularly caught my eye. For instance, I can’t wait to hear Markus Gross, Chief Scientist at Disney Research, talk about the Walt Disney Studios technology innovation process and how they use AI. I’m also excited to hear a power CTO panel discuss how they recently delivered this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and, of course, I am keen to attend the discussions on the future of linear which feature Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, Zee5 Global and Faz Aftab, Director, International M&E Content Partnerships, Google TV. Finally, I can’t wait to understand the metaverse more with a session from Lewis Smithingham of Media Monks.”

Technical Papers

The IBC Technical Papers programme also returns this year, offering a behind-the-scenes look at cutting-edge technology projects in the industry. Submitted by project leaders, the final papers are commissioned by the IBC Technical Papers Committee with the very best submissions presented during the IBC Conference. Attendees will get an overview of the project, the technical challenges and ultimately, the results.

Topics to be discussed include the latest advances in video coding, artificial intelligence and machine learning in production, 5G and VR and XR. The papers will also look beyond entertainment and explore sustainability and the broader impact these technologies have on society.

The IBC Conference 2022 runs on 9 and 10 September. Early bird delegate passes are available now.

“It really is an amazing line-up of speakers, invaluable content and the chance to connect and collaborate with top brands and tech pioneers