The Kronos K8 video card from Bluefish444 is now fully integrated with Vicon’s latest Shogun Live 1.6 software. It can be used in 4K SDI VFX motion capture workflows.

Shogun 1.6 adds low-latency tracking for both film and virtual cameras, support for Vicon’s Viper and Viper X motion tracking cameras, auto-skeleton and other features optimised for virtual production. It complements and supports existing features including live subject calibration and unbreakable solving, as well as Kronos K8 4K SDI video support.


MoCap upgrade: Kronos K8 on track with Vicon’s Shogun Live

Kronos K8 is claimed to offer the lowest-latency multi-channel SDI IO interfaces, making it ideal for virtual production workflows. Shogun Live 1.6 now supports up to eight 3G or two quad-link 3G UHD low-latency SDI inputs and LTC Timecode input. Kronos K8 also has a dedicated SPG output for locking downstream equipment during production.

Bluefish444’s Epoch | 4K Neutron video card is also supported by Shogun Live 1.6, enabling up to three channels of low-latency SDI Input in a single PCIe card.

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