The latest version of NetOn.Live’s LiveOS Production Platform enables local, remote, and decentralised live production running on COTS IT servers in a SMPTE ST 2110 video-over-IP network.

Users, such as NEP, can now more easily design, configure, and quickly spin up multiple concurrent productions using new specialised applications, features and partner integrations. 

Live virtualised production updated

De Wolf: ‘Customers expect a system to adapt to their requirements, and that is what LiveOS delivers’ 

Michel De Wolf, CEO, NetOn.Live, said: “Thanks to our LiveConnect SMPTE 2110 network switch, LiveOS supports seamless switching in the network and offers the lowest latencies on the market, all combined with the highest, uncompressed video quality. 

“Customers come to us because they don’t want to compromise or adapt their production workflows to a system, instead, they expect a system to adapt to their unique requirements, and that is precisely what LiveOS was built to deliver,” he added. 

There is now a dedicated sports application, including slomo/replay, remote commentary, HTML5 graphics engine, vision mixer with transitions, playlists, and recording. 

Other new features include: UHD HDR support; timers and countdowns; automated news production, using MOS Gateway and HTML; and additional hardware integrations from Skaarhoj, MakeProAudio and Spectralogic. 

Stand Number: 10.C10 

Company: NetOn.Live