New capabilities within AVS 6.8, an end-to-end video platform from Accenture, include a cross-platform user interface curation engine, third-party app enablement and the ability to run across multiple cloud platforms with a container-based platform-agnostic approach. The new micro-services provide a springboard to add smart life services to a company’s existing telco services, such as smart home and e-health connectivity.

Powering digital video businesses from content management to end-user experience and video operations, AVS is claimed to be the foundation behind many successful IPTV, OTT TV and internet TV video streaming platforms.



Accenture Video Solution powers many successful streaming platforms

The Accenture Multimedia Advertising Platform (AMAP) has also received an update. Accenture has introduced a new user experience for the AMAP proposal builder, where users can access enhanced views of integrated advertising recommendations, as well an enjoy enhanced media planning capability.

There is also a new contract management feature that adds visibility and automation to account- or agency-level discounts, rules and ad conditions. AMAP now has the ability to add, define and track multiple audience segments in one campaign. Users can still access granular reporting for each segment but are saved the time and effort of creating separate campaigns in order to do so.

Stand Number: 8.MS6, 8.MS7

Company: Accenture