Red Bee Media will deliver the next generation MediaHub, the contribution and distribution platform owned by the Dutch Local Public Broadcasting Foundation (NLPO). The NLPO MediaHub makes it possible to distribute radio and television channels from local broadcasters in a standardised way to major distributors and directly to the consumer through online platforms.

More than 80 local broadcasters are currently using the NLPO MediaHub and the expectation is that with the evolution of the proposition, this number will increase.

Red Bee-5

Thijs Bakx and Marc Visch

The Channel Store is Red Bee’s platform for signal aggregation and distribution, where live content is aggregated from multiple sources over Red Bee’s global network. It currently features over 1200 active channels and a catalogue of over 10,000 sources that can be spun up quickly whenever requested. Through the Channel Store, broadcasters using the NLPO MediaHub will be able to distribute higher quality content, as well as gain access to additional Red Bee services such as compliance recording, catch-up broadcast and content editing.

“We went through a careful and extensive tender procedure for the next generation MediaHub. The starting point was to be able to deliver a service that best matched the wishes of the Dutch broadcast sector and responded to the changes in the media landscape. After careful consideration based on the range of services, price and quality, we chose Red Bee. Their Channel Store service offers us access to a flexible and modern technical platform and we can count on a very high-quality service. This is the next step in further professionalising our offering to local broadcasters, through a future focused distribution and contribution model,” said Marc Visch, director, NLPO.

“We are proud to have achieved renewed confidence from NLPO, and we’re happy that our services are well appreciated by the Dutch broadcasting community,” said Thijs Bakx, head of market area Netherlands, Red Bee. “The Channel Store is a robust contribution and distribution service and it enables connected broadcasters to focus on delivering the best possible viewing experience to their audiences, while we manage all the technical and operational complexity.”