Video streaming specialist SmartLabs has unveiled its first RDK-enabled STB, an intelligent and flexible dynamic ad insertion (DAI) system, and the SmartCare analytics solution.

SmartCare is designed to help operators and content providers better understand audience behaviour and changes in viewing habits, enabling them to reduce customer churn and offer a better customer experience.


Analytics tools and dynamic ad insertion help save money and generate revenue

The programme analyses STB CPU and memory usage, along with stream quality and buffering statistics. By collating this information and analysing it alongside channel and content offerings, the new engine can distinguish normal behaviour from abnormal, highlight spikes of activity and report on customer drop-off.

SmartLabs DAI solution enables broadcasters and operators to dynamically insert ad units into video content. With its server-side ad insertion technology, operators can add or replace ads in live, pre-recorded, and xVoD video content. Built-in VAST protocol support enables users to partner with third-parties or configure their own campaigns in SmartLabs DAI, becoming independent of external advertising services.

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Gary Hamer, global VP for business development, SmartLabs, said: “Our RDK solutions are another facet of SmartLabs’ integration and migration offerings. Like the solution we have for Linux and Android, we see RDK as another route for us to help operators future-proof legacy systems, without having to completely replace existing hardware.

“We have seen some fundamental changes in the market and an increased demand for content globally. This has meant dramatic growth for SmartLabs, which was already well positioned to support the industry. We have seen expansion in LatAm, further investment in European installations, and we are breaking into new territory in North America and Canada,” he added.

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