Dramatify has launched what it claims is the unique ability to create unlimited, integrated shooting scheduling versions that selected production decision-makers can collaborate around, compare with related information, and update on the spot.

Dramatify’s drama workflow begins with Final Draft (.fdx) import and sync, automatically resulting in a watermarked user-tagged screenplay, character lists, set lists, smart statistics, DooD, story order stripboard and basic breakdown.


Multi-scenario scheduling all flows from the screenplay

With this information, collaboration, scheduling, casting, location scouting, and creative planning can begin. As the team adds more information, Dramatify returns additional automatic lists, stripboards and reports that individual users can manipulate without destroying any information.

Annika Lidne, CEO, Dramatify, said: “Our customers save time and money daily through the pre-production and production phases with Dramatify. Just as significant is the decrease in risk and mistakes with a one-truth data policy and automation instead of manual typing. The ‘truth’ is always the published version on the Dramatify platform.”

Staff can also create alternate mini schedules, for example when needing to reschedule a shoot due to bad weather. If the problem occurs, the mini schedule can be imported into the published schedule with a click and is live immediately. A published scheduling update also updates other time-sensitive team information – from semi-automatic call sheets via automatic script sides to daily production reports.

Stand Number: 7.D42

Company: Dramatify