Video software provider Synamedia unveiled Quortex Link, a pay-as-you-use, self-service multi-tenant SaaS platform for video distribution.

The service aims to improve content distribution by removing the need for complex and costly static infrastructure and simplifies the distribution of 24/7 channels and occasional-use content for events, news, sports, and pop-up channels.

Thomas Dellerue-Quortex

Thomas Dellerue, Synamedia

Quortex Link is also said to reduce the time and investment required to establish video distribution links and cuts energy and CO2 by eliminating always-on infrastructure. It claims that what previously took months and significant capex can now be achieved in seconds with a pay-as-you-use model.

Thomas Dellerue, senior product manager at Synamedia, said: “As the demand for live streaming content continues to grow, operators need new ways to deliver and manage high-quality content more efficiently and cost-effectively. With Quortex Link, content providers can deliver their content to multiple locations around the world, in a few clicks, keeping the same reliability as satellite delivery for a fraction of the cost. Our solution provides the flexibility they need to deliver their streams efficiently and at scale to hundreds of end points.”

Synamedia’s Quortex offerings are a part of its Video Network portfolio which is designed to meet the needs of all types of video service providers from niche streamers through to tier-1 operators.