Content delivery, origin and storage, and stream personalisation software provider Velocix is showcasing its newest hybrid-cloud CDN application, which the company says enables video service providers to combine elastic, cloud delivery with ultra-cost-efficient, on-premises streaming.

The cloud-native and platform agnostic architecture is designed to allow pay-TV providers to choose the most suitable deployment environments for Velocix’s software, including private, public, and edge-cloud frameworks.


Velocix offers more options for pay-TV providers

Jim Brickmeier, CEO at Velocix, said: “Velocix’s hybrid-cloud CDN software represents a step-change in operational efficiency for video service providers. Operators can now harness the distinct strengths of cloud and on-premises deployment models to supercharge CDN performance while simultaneously driving down costs. With hybrid-cloud architectures, pay-TV providers can also move to more flexible OpEx-driven business models which align costs with growth, making it easier to build a strong business case for new video applications.”

Jon Anderson, CDN Product Manager at Velocix, added: “With Velocix’s latest CDN software, operators no longer need to build-out on-premises CDNs for peak capacity and have servers idling during off-peak periods. With elastic hybrid-cloud CDN architectures, we can deploy smaller, high performance on-premises caching tiers which are augmented with cloud-based caches that can be spun up to meet peak demands, thereby reducing energy waste and cutting power bills by 25% or more.”

Velocix will also be highlighting its new edge-cloud CDN and hybrid-cloud origin, along with its multi-CDN switching and video analytics solutions.

Stand Number: 5.C10

Company: Velocix