Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) specialist Yospace demonstrated the latest advances in its technology including a new orchestration system and non-linear live streaming, designed to maximise the monetisation opportunities and user experience of live sports.

Yospace’s orchestration solution for live sports enables rights-holders to power linear OTT channels up and down for each event, freeing them from the challenge of managing a 24/7 channel and the usual overheads associated with publishing event-based live channels. The product is designed to empower sports rights-holders to broadcast and monetise the full calendar of events they have invested in, ensuring dedicated sports fans never miss a moment of the action.


Yospace: advancements in technology to maximise user experience of live sports

David Springall, CTO and founder at Yospace, said: “Sporting events are highly dynamic in terms of their scheduling, ad breaks and audience demand. We’ve orchestrated the process of operating ‘pop-up’ channels such that they are as reliable as 24/7 channels, with no practical limit to the number that can be supported simultaneously. What really sets this solution apart is the way in which we can ensure that the operations teams can get the most important real-time metrics for their audience and advertising performance as their live content offering scales up and down.”

Meanwhile, Yospace’s non-linear live streaming functionality enables viewers of live events to rewind a live stream if, for example, they miss a goal in a football match. Advertising is dynamically replaced at the point an ad break is viewed, with accurate impression reporting, even when the viewer is in non-linear playback mode. Non-linear live streaming has already been deployed by several major sports broadcasters, including BT Sport.