IBC2017: IBC executives have discussed the changing media landscape and technology evolution, from Ultra HD to human-like robots.   

Hanson and sophia

Sophia and Dr Hanson

IBC continues to grow, reflecting the continuing evolution of the media landscape. Chief Executive Michael Crimp told a press conference Saturday morning: ”Technology underpins everything we do at IBC.”

Crimp explained traditional broadcasting is central to IBC, and that technology change creates great opportunities. From 5G trials to 4K and 8K and the march to IP, IBC pivots around the dynamic media landscape.

“High-resolution delivery technologies drive change and drive growth,” he said. ”There’s lots of video in adjacent markets – but they don’t know what the killer applications are. That’s why they come to IBC. We’re trying to evolve and grow as the industry evolves and grows.”

“We’re trying to evolve and grow as the industry evolves and grows” – Michael Crimp


Dr Hanson with Professor Einstein and Sophia at an IBC press conference Saturday morning

Special guest Dr David Hanson of Hanson Robotics presented his human-like robots Professor Einstein and Sophia, who interact, have reactive facial movements and can maintain a conversation.

Sophia told IBC365 her favourite topic of conversation was what other robotic companies were up to. Hanson admitted Sophia is child-like and still learning – however his aim is to create intelligent robots to coexist with humans.

“Hanson Robotics is applying artificial intelligence (AI) with robotic technology for human applications,” Hanson said.

Full bandwidth interface is still under development, Hanson explained. Ultimately, the ethos behind Hanson Robotics is to bring robots to life using advances in technology, to eventually have robots connect and work with humans in an ethical and smart manner.

“How do we create artificial intelligence that exceeds human intelligence?” – Dr David Hanson

Hanson’s aim is for people to “view robotic technologies with the ability to adapt, be creative and be intelligent”. Sophia and Professor Einstein are the embodiment of this concept.

Hanson said the impact of the evolution of AI demonstrates the possibility of applying AI to a future where humans and robots coexist.

Dr Hanson, Sophia and  Professor Einstein will speak in Tech Talks Keynote. The Future with Robots that Are Like Us

Phil White, Director of Technology and Events IBC said, “IBC is always looking to the future,” referencing the Future Zone and the showcase of NHK progress on 8K acquisition and transmission. The IBC Big Screen Experience boasts a world-leading viewing environment with Dolby Vision, immersive audio, 6P laser projection, high dynamic range (HDR) and wide colour gamut (WCG).

IBC Exhibition Committee Chair Roger Thornton discussed the vital role of the IBC exhibition and shared 2017’s record exhibitor space, reaching 53,000 square metres. The exhibition space has increased 800 square metres over 2016 with over 1,700 exhibitors, 264 of which are new companies.

IBC registration is 4.7% up on 2016, which Michael Crimp noted had been a record year. The predicted final attendance for 2017 is 57,191, up 2.5% from 2016 – although Crimp said “it might be a little more than that.”