Wohler is introducing a line of high-quality 4K and 8K video monitors known as vMON. All units include SDI and HDMI inputs.

Available in 17in, 27in and 32in sizes and in both 4K and 8K formats, the monitors have been designed to address multiple applications, ranging from EFP, studio, playout and post-production, to OBs and events.


New wave: The vMON-320-8K monitor supports up to 8192x4320 resolution

The vMON range supports a variety of production and processing features, including support for 3840x2160 to 8192x4320 resolutions, HDR indication, Quad View, various video scopes, markers and quality aids, such as darkness check and focus assist.

Other benefits include: 2SI and SQD 4K/8K signal support, 16-channel embedded audio level meters, built-in speakers, rack mount (17in only) or Vesa mount, picture flip, and support for closed captions. The quad display can simultaneously support four different formats of 4K/HD/SD signals in different windows, making the range useful for 4K/8K studio use, high-end colour grading and film production.

Stand Number: 10.B10

Company: Wohler Technologies