Leaders from major movie studios and MovieLabs unveiled how they plan to collaborate with partners, technology providers and service providers over the next decade to transform the way that content is created at IBC2019.

MovieLabs will publish a paper, the Future of Media Creation, which is a ten-year outlook on where the Hollywood studios want to go in the future.

According to Rich Berger, CEO at MovieLabs, this begins with the cloud. “It starts with a cloud foundation and how workflows move into the cloud,” he told IBCTV. “Once we’ve done that, there are a lot of really great things we can take advantage of. It’s a change that everyone needs to get behind.”

Studios involved include Disney, Universal, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros. who are collaborating to change the industry.

This collaboration is important because “it is something that makes everyone better, and that is where MovieLabs sits,” added Berger. “Obviously, everyone is a fierce competitor, but at the same time when we have a common agenda, that’s when we step in to help drive that. Whether it is on the production side or distribution side, we’re trying to make things better for the whole industry.”