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  • SMPTE- The art of the possible

    SMPTE: The art of the possible: Moving media workflows to the cloud​


    IBC2022: There’s a lot of talk throughout the Media industry about moving workflows to the cloud. But what is real, and what is imagined? The good news is that more media workloads are becoming possible using cloud infrastructure, and the benefits in terms of agility, flexibility, responsiveness, and efficiency are ...

  • Accelerator - Volumetric video

    Accelerator - Volumetric video for broadcasting, metaverse production and RT3D assets


    IBC2022: This IBC Accelerator will showcase the evolution of the traditional broadcast pipeline to incorporate the latest content creation technologies such as volumetric, motion capture, live action and 3D render engine, ensuring efficient delivery of real-time content for multiple platforms including broadcast, live-streaming, the metaverse and interactive channels.

  • Accelerator - Next generation news studio

    Accelerator - Next generation news studio


    IBC2022: Never had there been so many existing technologies that can be integrated in the production of news content. In tandem with shifting audience trends in news consumption, this exciting IBC Accelerator project set out to explore and define a futureproof concept for News studios.

  • managing the last metre in the home

    SCTE: managing the last metre in the home


    IBC2022: Historically, an ISP managed networked services, then provided the connectivity to the modem in the customer’s premises – the last mile. The expectation then was that the customer would have the technical ability to manage the local area network (LAN) and services in-house. As the LAN became Wifi, so ...

  • Paul Machliss, ACE in conversation with Carolyn Giardina

    American Cinema Editors Present: Paul Machliss, ACE in conversation with Carolyn Giardina


    IBC2022: Transforming the editorial process with creative technological innovation. Paul Machliss, ACE is one of the most creative and technically inventive editors working today. He began his career in production, segueing to the editing room where he worked on numerous TV series such as the iconic IT Crowd, Fleabag, Fungus ...

  • TNW Gaming & Sports

    TNW Talks @ IBC: Gaming & Sports


    IBC2022: Technology is changing how we interact and experience sports, esports, and gaming experiences at lightning speed. Richer environments for the users not only enhance their journey but also unlocks a wider breadth of data analytics, marketing, and advertising opportunities. Advancements in gaming engines are accelerating the boom of the ...

  • Media.Monks global AWS

    Inside Media.Monks global AWS-based virtual production team


    IBC2022: Over the past two years, digital-first marketing and advertising company Media.Monks has assembled a team of broadcast veterans that now make up a global AWS-native broadcast and production team. Using cloud-based technology and innovative solutions throughout the pandemic and beyond, the Media.Monks team can meet client demands that reflect ...

  • Al Jazeera is shifting the paradigm of news delivery

    How Al Jazeera is shifting the paradigm of news delivery


    IBC2022: Back in 1996 Al Jazeera, the Arabic-language satellite channel, launched its first news broadcast from Doha. The 1996 launch was considered revolutionary and marked the beginning of a new era of TV News in the Middle East. Al Jazeera is the first 24-hours news channel in the Arab world. ...

  • Presenting Live Sport at Scale

    Presenting Live Sport at Scale — Winning with the Power of the Cloud


    IBC2022: In this executive panel session hear how Warner Bros. Discovery Sports has been transforming their production workflow to gain operational flexibility, have the opportunity to present more data-led stories, and continue to drive deeper audience engagement. Join Dave Duvall, Warner Bros. Discovery CIO; Scott Young, SVP Content and Production, ...

  • New frontiers for esports

    New frontiers for esports: The next wave of innovation


    IBC2022: Traditional sports broadcast has learnt a lot from the esports sector over the past fwe years, now using many of the technology hacks as the foundation for new live broadcast models. With the industry caught up, where are esports broadcast innovating?

  • Transforming in-flight entertainment

    Transforming in-flight entertainment: closing the content supply-chain gap from 90 to 2 days


    IBC2022: In-flight entertainment is a key passenger experience touchpoint, but getting studio content onto planes traditionally takes 60-90 days. Hear how castLabs and Lufthansa Systems are removing friction to help airlines achieve ready-to-view entertainment faster. With the SaaS cloud platform, ABOVE, a joint venture between castLabs and Touch Inflight Solutions, ...

  • Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 11.35.45

    Convention Keynote: What’s Next - How immersive tech will create new narratives and transform entertainment


    IBC2022: IBC 2022 Show Keynote is free to attend for all attendees.

  • FAST channels

    FAST channels: Transitioning linear and VOD and introducing the simplicity of FAST


    IBC2022: This session will cover the rapid growth of FAST channels and several of the biggest keys to their success; i.e. genre diversity and the importance of curating content for particular audiences, and building successful strategic partnerships and the elements that make them productive. This panel will discuss their ...

  • Meet albert - how TV is driving sustainable change

    Meet albert - how TV is driving sustainable change


    IBC2022: Founded in 2011, albert supports the global Film and TV industry to reduce the environmental impacts of production and to create content that supports a vision for a sustainable future. Its success has come through the radical collaboration of broadcasters and production companies that have altruistically set aside ...

  • State of the immersive technology sector in UK & Europe in 2022

    Women in Immersive Tech: State of the immersive technology sector in UK & Europe in 2022


    IBC2022: The immersive sector has evolved, twisted and turned at an incredible pace in the past two years during Covid and has been entering into the Metaverse bubble since late 2021. So, what has happened and where are we now? In this panel with 4 Women In Immersive Tech (WIIT) ...

  • designing a company culture that attracts and retains a powerful workforce

    The Circle Society: designing a company culture that attracts and retains a powerful workforce


    IBC2022: Our industry is changing. Skill sets and team dynamics are changing, people are on the move, and we have too many jobs and not enough people to fill them. During this session we will present the findings from industry research and be joined by a panel of trailblazers ...

  • Step into the metaverse

    Step into the metaverse


    IBC2022: A tour de force on metaverse technology, and the connectivity that is driving the adoption of metaverse.

  • Globo on becoming a media tech firm

    Globo on becoming a media tech firm


    IBC2022: The largest broadcaster in South America is undergoing a mammoth operational transformation, shifting workflows to the cloud and transitioning from broadcasting to media tech firm. Take a look under the hood at how their strategy is shaping their technology. 

  • sustainability in media

    Sustainability in media: Is it real, or just the latest thing?


    IBC2022: This session will provide real world examples of organizations taking the lead in implementing sustainability action plans. From content creation to manipulation, and delivery, hear from experts who are making sustainability an integral part of their media workflows. Still, there are plenty of areas that require further ...

  • Crystal ball gazing

    Crystal Ball gazing: Beyond Next-Gen Streaming


    IBC2022: C-level executives from global streamers will be challenged to predict the future of streaming and TV in a fast-paced, interactive session of surprise, quick fire questions. Find out what streaming industry leaders really think about the Metaverse, NFTs, the rise of ad-funded business models, sports in streaming, audience targeting, ...