IABM CEO Peter White talks to Jeff Rosica (CEO and President, Avid) about the company’s decision to exhibit again at IBC in Amsterdam.

In another welcome sign that things are returning to a ‘new normal’, Avid will be returning to showcase its products at IBC 2022. In conversation with IABM CEO Peter White, Avid CEO and President Jeff Rosica revealed that the company has listened to its customers, seen the market open up and improve, and is “really excited about going to IBC this September.”

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Jeff Rosica, Avid

Like many companies looking to navigate through the business challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Avid has invested in digital marketing, content marketing and virtual events to reach customers old and new alike. There is obvious value in this marketing mix, such as the ability to reach many more people right across the world. But Jeff Rosica is clear that trade shows are still an important part of Avid’s outreach.

“I’m personally pretty excited that we’ve taken this decision,” says Rosica. “I really think the IBC show is a quite valuable show. The ability to bring together so many international attendees from many enterprise broadcast customers from around the globe; the ability to meet with customers in a meaningful way is a unique opportunity. I think it’s such a great event to bring the industry together and we’re excited to be back together. We’re going to come back differently, but I think we’re going to make a pretty big commitment to IBC this year.”

Watch the full interview with Jeff Rosica below to learn:

  • The presence Avid will have at IBC 2022 (the SkyBox returns!)
  • What Avid will be showcasing at its booth
  • Why face-to-face meetings are still vitally important
  • How trade shows need to evolve in a post-pandemic future
  • What the next 12 months looks like and the challenges facing the industry

Avid will be back at IBC this year. Will you? Registrations for IBC 2022 are now open. Visit show.ibc.org/registration to book your ticket.