Limelight Networks has expanded its edge capabilities by launching EdgeFunctions, a new serverless compute service which allows developers to tap into the power of the company’s global network and gives them the flexibility to deploy and run their own code.

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EdgeFunctions allows developers to tap into Limelight’s network of CDN and edge cloud services

EdgeFunctions provides a customisable environment at the network edge for streamlining content workflows, performing time-sensitive decisions, and customising user experiences. Providing this environment at the network edge offers Limelight’s low latency, on-demand scalability and high-performance network to developers. EdgeFunctions is ideal for streaming video and content delivery use cases such as personalised streaming, content protection, dynamic ad insertion, A/B testing, and image manipulation.

Functions are globally available in Limelight’s highly distributed network and run closest to where content requests are received, ensuring Limelight’s lowest possible latency for code execution and optimal user experiences.

Nagra, a leading provider of content protection and multiscreen TV solutions, is integrating EdgeFunctions with its technology.

Jean-Philippe Plantevin, VP Anti-Piracy at Nagra, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Limelight to integrate our NexGuard Streaming forensic watermarking technology with EdgeFunctions and safeguard a premium OTT provider’s content from leaks and piracy. Using EdgeFunctions, we were able to quickly deploy our customised solution into Limelight’s network edge locations and run them on demand, at scale, for both VOD and live OTT watermarking workflows.”

EdgeFunctions leverages Limelight’s global network to put flexibility and power directly into the hands of developers with support for several programming languages including Node.js, Python and Go. Its APIs enable these developers to manage, deploy and run their functions at the network edge and take advantage of Limelight’s direct peering connections with more than 1,000 ISPs and leading public cloud providers.

Dave McCarthy, research director, Edge Strategies at IDC, said: “Edge technology and solutions are rapidly expanding to meet a diverse set of customer needs. Limelight has an extensive global network with edge locations across the globe. Giving developers more dynamic control over content combined with Limelight’s extensive global network optimises the delivery of video at the edge.”

Bob Lento, CEO at Limelight, said: “We’ve evolved beyond high performing online video delivery with new innovative solutions to enhance online experiences and provide real value to our customers in ways that only we can. Now developers have the power to create and run bandwidth-intensive, latency-sensitive applications throughout our network edge.

“Our extensive Edge Compute offering coupled with EdgeFunctions provides one of the most comprehensive content delivery and edge tool sets available today, and we have a robust development pipeline with much more to come,” he added. “I’m thrilled to provide these services to the world’s leading companies.”