Limelight Networks has introduced Developer Central, a resource centre that provides developers with tools to easily manage, monitor, and integrate Limelight services. 

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Developer Central: Offers a host of resources, with automatically generated OpenAPI documentation

The company has also released a report, ‘How Video is Changing the World 2020’, that delves into the impact the pandemic has had on online video consumption habits and opinions.

Developer Central offers a new interactive API explorer, SDKs, sample code, OpenAPI documentation and a community forum to help users get answers fast. Eveline Carr, developer community manager, Limelight Networks, said: “It’s all part of our expanded commitment to developer empowerment.”

On Developer Central, OpenAPI documentation is automatically generated, providing the most current documentation. API Explorer is an enhanced interactive tool for testing APIs in a real-time test environment. Meanwhile, SDKs provide pre-packaged code to help teams fast-track development projects.

The ‘How Video is Changing the World 2020’ report finds that as people worldwide were forced to stay at home during the pandemic, online video came into its own as a top source of entertainment, social interactions and information. In fact, consumers globally watch online video for an average of over four hours a day, four times as much now compared to six months ago. Fortunately, global networks are working hard to handle the increased demand and provide consistent experiences across devices.

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