Video streaming specialists Norigin Media are Edgeare have announced they are set to collaborate in the field of quality assurance for over-the-top (OTT) video streams.


Norigin and Edgeware: Collaborate on quality assurance for video streams

The partnership is based on combining Norigin Media’s OTT testing-as-a-service packages with Edgeware’s cloud-based delivery control platform, StreamPilot.

Norigin Media will test the streams provided by Edgeware, independent of the content delivery networks (CDN), across a range of smart TV devices and models.

Kalle Henriksson, founder and product manager for StreamPilot, Edgeware, said: “Building a comprehensive repository of devices is very time-consuming and costly due to the wide range of models that need to be covered. While it is not easy to gain access to the older Samsung and LG Smart TV models, Norigin Media has a very organised manner of testing and validating our fully device-agnostic StreamPilot platform.”