Object Matrix and Signiant have announced improved workflow compatibility between the former’s object storage system MatrixStore and Signiant Media Shuttle, which supports the sending and sharing of large files. 


Media Shuttle: Combines with MatrixStore for large file transfers 

The joint product aims to enable customers to transfer large amounts of files and data from one secure location to another “in a matter of moments”. Implementing a MatrixStore secure vault to act as a Signiant landing zone is said to ensure DMZ security without the need for additional storage systems. MatrixStore vaults can be configured to restrict access, ensure data is immutable and also to audit every single management or data operation ensuring creative organisations can transfer content between locations with the utmost confidence. 

Media Shuttle can use SMB, S3 or MXFS (MatrixStore File System) to access MatrixStore object storage. Using MatrixStore’s file system application (MXFS), creative professionals can automatically mount MatrixStore vaults as local drives in order to directly access content delivered to the facility. 

Robert Browne, founder, vice president of global technology alliances, Signiant, said: “As the media industry continues to embrace a hybrid cloud, multi-cloud world, Signiant is proud to partner with leaders in the industry such as Object Matrix that are embracing a modern approach to storage. The integration between Signiant and Object Matrix offers new flexibility and scalability to media companies of all sizes.” 

Nick Pearce-Tomenius, sales and marketing director, Object Matrix, added that Signiant’s family of intelligent file transfer products “offer our customers the opportunity to start small and grow according to their needs or to implement an enterprise scale solution that they know works out of the box with our object storage platforms”.