TAG Video Systems is reassuring broadcasters that its global operations are uninterrupted during the current period of heightened news and media consumption, and in fact strengthened by the company’s Zer0 Friction business strategy.

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TAG: Multifunctioning all-IP software can be deployed across all four major broadcast areas

TAG says its flagship broadcast application, which offers probing, monitoring and multiviewing, can be deployed remotely across all four major broadcast applications – live production, playout, delivery and OTT – within minutes and can handle both compressed and uncompressed formats. It supports all major industry standards, such as SMPTE 2110, 2022-6/7, JPEG 2000, MPEG TS, DASH, HLS and CMAF.

Zer0 Friction allows clients the operational agility to manage the software across applications and locations, thus maximising asset utilisation, claims the company

Kevin Joyce, zero friction officer for TAG, said: “For years the industry has expressed concerns about the low utilisation of broadcast technology. In many cases systems are being used less than 30% of the time. With Zer0 Friction TAG’s customers are no longer restricted in how they use our multi-functional applications, where they use them across their ecosystem, or when they use them. Broadcasters can now use a multiviewer for live production in a facility in London and as soon as they are done, apply the license to probe for errors in an OTT facility in New York. Finally, the clients will be unrestricted operationally and financially to deliver the best possible content to consumers with Zer0 Friction.”

The fully software IP-based system runs on off the shelf (COTS) hardware and is offered with a zero-commitment trial.

“As a software only company we are able to deploy our technology and have customers up and running in minutes,” said Joyce. “Support is handled remotely, and all software upgrades are delivered remotely on a continuous basis. This is what clients have always wanted and we are now taking this to the next level with the of Zer0 Friction.”