Video-over-IP network distribution specialists Zixi and VideoFlow have revealed they are working together to ensure interoperability between vendor deployments on a worldwide basis. 

VideoFlow has now completed the integration of Zixi’s protocols, video solution stack and ZEN Master solution within its new digital video gateway (DVG) product. The two companies were already collaborating within the Video Services Forum’s Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) working group. 


John Wastcoat: Interoperability is a key tenet of Zixi 

DVG is a multitool software platform that delivers video over any IP network, connecting any service to and from any cloud. It’s described as the first all-in-one gateway product that end-users can use to connect between legacy and IP interfaces, and connect to a service in Amazon Web Services (AWS) over Zixi or to services in Microsoft Azure or Google with other supported protocols. DVG can connect disparate services using different video streaming or delivery protocols. 

Ronen Sadan, VP marketing, VideoFlow, said: “We are excited to extend our relationship with Zixi beyond the RIST Forum group. We already see customers who have embraced this joint solution to ease the assimilation of reliable video delivery over IP, empowering a complete connectivity to multiple services, regardless of video protection protocols and interfaces.” 

John Wastcoat, SVP alliances and marketing, Zixi, said: “We are very happy to have VideoFlow as part of the over 180 integrated offerings of the Zixi Enabled Network. Interoperability is a key tenet of Zixi and the Software Defined Video Platform, and with this integration we are able to offer that to our customers with both RIST and Zixi.”