Vindicia, part of the Amdocs Media Division, has extended its long-standing engagement with Vimeo. Vindicia provides Vimeo with a complete subscription management and retention solution to maximise customer lifetime value and business agility.

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Amdocs: Vindicia provides Vimeo with a subscription management and retention solution

As part of this agreement, Vimeo will continue to use Vindicia services to enhance monetisation of its subscription and one-time purchase services. Vindicia offers cloud-based, SaaS solutions that provide the scalability and flexibility to continue supporting Vimeo’s global growth.

“Vindicia has supported us since our early days, understands our business needs, and we are happy they will continue to support and enable our business,” said Craig Wert, senior vice president, finance, Vimeo.

“We are extremely pleased to support the growth-related needs of video content platform providers such as Vimeo as they drive higher subscription growth globally while providing a frictionless customer experience and intelligence-based tools and best practices,” said Darcy Antonellis, head of Amdocs Media. “With the extension of our long-term relationship with Vimeo, we remain committed and focused to deliver Vindicia’s cloud-based SaaS portfolio to retain and grow Vimeo’s user base via extended personalised offerings throughout their entire customer lifecycle.”