Launched earlier this year, is a video streaming and conferencing platform that aims to give users complete control over their content to maximise earning potential. Delivering a TV channel and studio to users from anywhere in the world, covers content production, distribution and monetisation.

Users can choose between public or private settings when starting or scheduling any studio session; public studios are displayed on the front of the channel, similar to platforms like YouTube, while private studios are not public facing, functioning more like Zoom. Users can upload video content (VOD) and set a price for any content, whether it is public, private, or VOD to enable monetisation.


Platform users can invite anyone to participate from anywhere in the world and on any device

New features showing at IBC include Donation Goals, allowing users to raise a set amount for a specific objective, as well as a Ticket Presale feature that enables users to set prices and earn money in advance of events like live streamed concerts, webinars, workshops, or other online gatherings. Meanwhile, new multicast functionality allows users to stream their content across multiple platforms simultaneously to expand reach and engagement.

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