Stats Perform, a leader in AI and data technology, and streaming solutions provider NativeWaves have announced a new partnership and the launch of a product that gives sports fans an enhanced viewing experience on their mobile devices.


NativeWaves: The new platform lets fans create their own personalised viewing experience

The new tool is said to combine the data and analytic strengths of Stats Perform with the streaming and multi-channel synchronisation technology offered by NativeWaves. The platform lets fans create their own personalised viewer experience, overlaying video angles they choose and the data and information they want to see, creating a unique second screen experience that can be leveraged by broadcast and OTT providers.

Based in Austria, NativeWaves uses ultra-low latency streaming technology to deliver a high-precision synchronisation solution that allows audiences to choose what they want to see. It provides instant access to alternate camera angles, audio and data feeds without any lagging sequences or interruptions to enhance the viewing experience.

“We are really excited to be partnering with a global leader in sports data such as Stats Perform to bring this new captivating experience to sports enthusiasts worldwide,” said Eva Wimmers, CEO of NativeWaves. “Combining the vast array of data, analytics and insights from Stats Perform with the technology from NativeWaves allows us to complement each other and create a unique experience that offers broadcasters a range of monetisation opportunities.”

The product was made possible through collaboration with Stats Perform’s product incubator, which helped bring the latest AI-powered insights and content to the product. NativeWaves is part of Stats Perform’s Sports Partners Intelligence Network (SPIN), which connects top technology and consulting partners with Stats Perform’s leading data and SportsTech solutions to develop new offerings for the sports market.

“Fans today want to craft and control their own viewing experience and we are thrilled to kick off this new partnership between Stats Perform and NativeWaves, which puts so much personalisation power in the fingertips of fans,” said Wayne Ford, Stats Perform senior vice president of global partners and channels. “The new solution combines NativeWaves’ ultra-low latency streaming and synchronisation capabilities with Stats Perform’s advanced data and sports insights, letting fans watch a match using the video angle and information they care about the most.”

“The future of the fan experience is a personalised viewing experience where video is integrated with the most relevant data and analytics displayed at the appropriate time to dive deeper into the games we love,” Stats Perform chief innovation officer, Christian Marko, commented. “We are excited to launch this new offering, which is providing the capability to choose the camera angle, statistics and analytics within the second screen experience and look forward to the continued collaboration with the NativeWaves team.”

The initial offering from Stats Perform and NativeWaves will target football and will be rolled out to select customers in the coming months. Moving forward, other sports will be included so that a wide range of fans can benefit from a unique and personalised second screen live viewing experience.