Anna Valley and Garden Studios have partnered to set up a new virtual production studio in London.

The announcement follows the companies’ collaboration on a recent SMPTE Virtual Production Showcase that took place at Garden Studios and featured an LED volume by Anna Valley.

2. Anna Valley, Garden Studios Team for London VP studio

Anna Valley and Garden Studios team up for a new virtual production studio in London

Together, the companies are providing a 150sqm+ volume and supporting crew and technology at Garden Studio’s facility in Park Royal.

Anna Valley is a provider of cinematic LED and processing technology and services.

Garden Studios is the largest film studio in central London with five sound stages totaling over 48,000 square feet. The facility opened one of the first permanent volumes in London in 2020 and has delivered over 80 productions on its 12m x 4m VP stage that can be extended to 18m x 4m.

Under the new partnership, Anna Valley has built a 26 x 4.5m ROE BPV2 semicircular volume in a 7750-square foot sound stage at Garden Studio’s Park Royal studio complex.

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The volume comes with an 8m x 5m OD4 ED ceiling, mounted on a motorised hoist so it can be lowered, raised and tilted up to a 45-degree angle. A pair of 2m x 2m OD4 LED totems provide additional lighting sources.

In addition to the LED volume, the studio comes with Mo-Sys StarTracker and nDisplay servers and disguise vx 4 is available as an option for playback solutions.

Anna Valley provides LED technicians and riggers while Garden Studios’ VP supervisor and digital artists complete the technical crew provision.

The new VP stage can also access Garden Studio’s infrastructure including dressing and green rooms, production offices, kitchens and on-site parking, and virtual production clients have the option of using Garden Studio’s in-house content creation, script advice and storyboard review services.

The Anna Valley volume at Garden Studios was built at the beginning of March and the first shoot using the stage has already been completed.

“Virtual production is an integral part of our technology-enabled strategy where we use emergent technologies to facilitate efficient film production,” said Garden Studios’ Head of Virtual Production, Mark Pilborough-Skinner. “The Anna Valley partnership is the amalgamation of a world-class supplier and an established studio operator, our goals are clearly aligned, and this allows us to provide a state-of-the-art facility to production. It really is a win-win.”

“Garden Studios is the ideal virtual production partner for Anna Valley,” says Anna Valley’s director of virtual production, Christina Nowak. “From the moment we started working together on the SMPTE Virtual Production Showcase the synergies between the companies and the opportunity for a mutually beneficial partnership became obvious. But, more importantly, we believe that this partnership provides a world-class virtual production facility for the filmmaking community.”

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