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  • 1. Panasonic has been providing AV equipment and services to the Olympic and Paralympic Games for over 30 years

    NAB 2024: Olympic Broadcasting Services unveils Panasonic as AV partner for Paris


    Panasonic Connect will supply state-of-the-art AV solutions, including professional displays, broadcast production equipment and projection systems, for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 to be held in France from July 26 to August 11, and the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, scheduled from August 28 to September 8.

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    Behind the scenes: Silo


    Award-winning Cinematographer David Luther had to draw on all his experience to help create a convincing backdrop for this dystopian short-story adaption. Adrian Pennington reports.

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    Behind the Scenes: Percy Jackson and the Olympians


    The experience of cinematographer Pierre Gill on Disney series ‘Percy Jackson’ showed that lighting for an extensive shoot in a Volume is still work in progress, writes Adrian Pennington.

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    CES2024 Preview: VR, XR, Transparent Panels and Inevitably, AI


    The year has barely started, but the tech world has already begun another annual rotation in the form of the perennial Las Vegas consumer technology launchpad, CES2024, writes Mark Mayne.

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    Behind the Scenes: Society of the Snow


    To faithfully recreate a 50-year-old real life plane crash and remarkable tale of survival, the filmmakers behind Society of the Snow combined LED and green screens with multiple practical sets of the plane’s fuselage and put them all 2000+ metres up a mountain, writes Adrian Pennington.

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    Plateau Virtuel: Why virtual production needs creative skills


    Bruno Corsini, Co-founder of French virtual production studio Plateau Virtuel, told IBC2023 that successful virtual production is about combining the right technology with the right creative skills.  

  • 1. AI prompts new wave of innovation at IBC2023
    Daily News

    AI prompts new wave of innovation at IBC2023


    It’s day one of IBC2023 and already there are a host of announcements to welcome showgoers to the RAI: new product launches, big company news and innovations have all been revealed to kick off the show.

  • 6. Samsung to wow with IVC LEDs
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    Samsung to wow with IVC LEDs


    A centrepiece of Samsung’s IBC exhibit will be the IVC series of LEDs which allows virtual production studios to create ultra-large LED walls, such as Samsung’s dedicated display, The Wall.

  • 2. Brompton to show new LED processing tech for VP and more
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    Brompton to show new LED processing tech for VP and more


    TrueLight is a new LED processing technology for panels with extra emitters, such as RGBW, and benefits situations where panels are used as a lighting source, such as in a virtual production volume. The system, which builds on Brompton’s Dynamic Calibration technology, is also useful for where LED panels light ...

  • 5. INFiLED to showcase first flat and curved virtual studio solution
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    INFiLED to showcase first flat and curved virtual studio solution


    Traditional virtual productions use flat display panels to build the studio background, which are interconnected under an angle to create a curve. These columns create edges (lines) that are very noticeable on camera. To avoid or minimise them involves making postproduction adjustments or running real-time solutions which entail an extra ...

  • Godox-2
    Daily News

    Godox unveils 1200W bi-colour LED for those in the know


    The new Godox KnowLED MG1200Bi COB LED light provides a full 1200W power output across all colour temperatures from 2800K-6500K, outputting up to 86,100 lux at 5600K at 3m with the optional Fresnel lens, similar to a 1.8kW PAR, with a TLCI of 96+.

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    Retrofit LED kit from Coemar offers a big plus


    LED lighting has become standard across the industry, but there are still a lot of older halogen or discharge-based lights around, and what could be more environmentally friendly than upgrading those rather than replacing them? That is the rationale behind Coemar’s Relite Series of LED retrofit kits, which have recently ...

  • Kino Flo 1 eDaily 2023-06-15
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    Kino’s broad-spectrum Mimik lights up VR


    The new Mimik 120 is claimed to be “the first IP-driven light in the world”, and is aimed primarily at the VR production market.

  • NAB Show Floor-1
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    NAB 2023 Review: Evolution not Revolution


    NAB 2023 has been and gone again for this year, the bellwether Las Vegas broadcast tradeshow now celebrating its 100-year anniversary. Mark Mayne rounds up the highpoints and key trends.

  • Webinar-8K-content-—-dead-or-alive-Webinar-IBC
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    8K and UHD: ‘Don’t Focus on the Numbers - Focus on the Quality’


    The webinar, Webinar: 8K content — dead or alive? covered a lot of ground, concluding that while 8K may still be in the gestation period, there is much to be said for the technology as a whole.

  • 2. Anna Valley, Garden Studios Team for London VP studio

    Anna Valley, Garden Studios Team for London VP studio


    Anna Valley and Garden Studios have partnered to set up a new virtual production studio in London.

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    Virtual Production: A business case for better data use


    The sharp ascendancy of virtual production has been a defining industry success story, but with issues around recruitment and the increasing pressure on efficient data management, there are many future challenges, writes David Davies.

  • MSG Sphere proposed London
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    MSG Sphere: Not only in Vegas


    Immersive experience venues are changing the face of live events and the Madison Square Garden Sphere aims to top the lot by creating a new entertainment medium, writes Adrian Pennington

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    Best of CES 2023: Tech trends to keep an eye on


    CES2023 may have come and gone, but it has - as usual - left a considerable amount of food for thought. From the downright weird, such as Withings urine-scanning smart toilets, Smart bird feeders and L’Oreal’s robot lipstick applicator, to a slew of new EV launches and some serious TV ...

  • D4-Pipe Lighting
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    On air light blows up


    Pipe Lighting is a range of inflatable lights that are “light, powerful and very easy to carry”, said Show Demonstrator Anna Otchyk.