The Culture, Media and Sport Committee is to examine the current challenges faced by the British film and high-end television industry.

The new inquiry will investigate what needs to be done to maintain and enhance the UK as a global destination for production and how the independent film production sector can best be supported.

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The DCMS has set up an inquiry into the Film and high-end TV Industry

It will examine issues around skills and retention in the industry and what needs to be done to ensure the sector can adapt to challenges such as the rise of artificial intelligence.

The Committee will also be looking at the challenges for British cinemas, following the recent Cineworld restructure and the collapse of the Empire chain.

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The inquiry comes 20 years on from the predecessor committee’s report on the British film industry, which made recommendations around the tax regime and training and development and helped shape the modern British film industry.

Figures for last year released by the BFI show the combined spend by film and high-end television production reached £6.27billion, a record high and £1.83billion higher than for 2019. High-end television production accounted for £4.3billion, with £1.97billion spent on feature film production. Inward investment high-end TV productions made last year included Bridgerton, Happy Valley and Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power.

Culture, Media and Sport Committee chair Dame Caroline Dinenage MP, said: “We will be looking at how to maintain the attractiveness of the UK as a global destination for production while ensuring independent films, similar to recent hits Rye Lane and Aftersun, can be made and seen. The financial problems encountered by big name cinema chains have highlighted the importance of protecting and promoting the UK’s screen heritage, while the actors and writers strikes in the United States show the importance of getting ahead of the game in adapting skills and responding to the challenges of artificial intelligence.

“The challenge now is to make sure the industry and Government are thinking of the future to maintain and enhance an industry that is hugely important both to the economy and to the culture of the UK and its power on the world stage.” 

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