The UK’s Film and TV Charity has called on industry workers to participate in its latest financial survey at time of “unprecedented need” in the sector.

The Charity said that film, TV, and cinema workers are continuing to experience one of the most sustained periods of financial uncertainty in its 100-year history, citing the impact of the content production slowdown and the US strikes.

5. Film and TV Charity.Marcus Ryder

Marcus Ryder, Film and TV Charity

The first financial survey ran in May 2023, before the current production slowdown and strikes in the US had taken full effect and uncovered what the Charity described as “shocking levels of financial exposure.”

Some 46% of respondents had less than £1,000 in savings, while 50% weren’t contributing to a pension.

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It also found that workers from under-represented groups were more likely to be impacted by financial concerns.

Film and TV Charity CEO Marcus Ryder said: “We’ve made no secret of the fact that people in our industry are facing an emergency. As we go into the winter, our real concern is that things are only likely to get worse for many with the US strikes continuing to impact UK productions and compounding other issues affecting the landscape.”

He added: “It’s vital that as many people as possible complete our short survey to help us see the real picture, and so that we can shape our support services to ensure those who need help the most are able to receive it. We especially want to hear more from workers outside London and the Southeast, and from workers from under-represented or marginalised groups. This year, we’ve shown what we can do with hard evidence to back us up and are grateful for the support our partners have given us. We’re about to launch an urgent winter appeal and the data this survey will give us is going to be crucial as we set out our case for support to everyone who is able to help.”

The survey is open until November 14 and responses are confidential. The survey can be found here.

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