• Google working on one-stop tool for streaming services 
  • Aggregator is called Kaleidoscope 
  • Sits within Chome web browser 

Google credit achinthamb  shutterstock

Google: Working on aggregator tool to allow people to watch shows in one place

Google is reportedly building an aggregator tool for streaming services within its Chrome web browser. 

Called “Kaleidoscope,” the feature would allow users to watch streaming video from different services in one place. 

Such a service would give consumers the convenience of content all in one location, rather than having to skip between multiple OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video 

The past year has seen a raft of streaming service launches, including Disney+, Apple TV and Peacock, adding to an abundance of destinations that viewers must now navigate between.  

With viewers becoming disillusioned with having to move between different platforms to find content, many within the industry believe that a platform that can successfully aggregate programming will prove a major hit with audiences around the world. 

Details about the Google Chrome aggregator are currently scarce. 

Chrome Story first posted about the project and shared screenshots of the service with the message: “You can see all your favorite shows in one place, no matter where they’re hosted.” 

The feature is reportedly still being tested internally before going into a beta version for users to try out. 

The new feature is only available on Chrome Canary, the most experimental version of Google’s web browser. 

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