IBC’s Technical Papers 2022 are now live and available for download, revealing advanced insights from some of the industry’s leading minds. 

IBC’s Technical (Tech) Papers feature original, novel research on solutions to real-world problems faced by the international broadcast and digital media industry. Papers cover all industry sectors across the media, entertainment and technology industry and are delivered by a mix of industry professionals, academics and R&D experts.

The 2022 programme covered a broad range of topics, including energy-efficiency, 5G, large-scale immersive audio, social video coding and AI, and included papers from ITV, Microsoft, BBC, Ruwido, Olympic Broadcast Services, BT, MediaKind and Harmonic. 

The popular technical papers generated feedback this year from the panel of professional experts who meticulously peer-reviewed all submissions. The 24 shortlisted papers from innovative companies and technical specialists revealed their concepts and in-depth research on projects, their possible uses and practical applications at IBC2022.

This year’s papers are now available to view and download, deep-diving into these seven key topics:

  • Energy-efficiency for a More Sustainable Future
  • Tools, Trials and Media Production
  • The Immersive Olympics
  • New Approaches to Social Media
  • XR and Avatars
  • Advances in Video Coding
  • How AI is Advancing Media Production

The full list of papers is:

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Artificial intelligence (AI) won’t be writing award winning scripts soon – but it could help humans who do

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Automated content enrichment in sports broadcast

IBC2022 Tech Papers: AI created music

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Exploring the benefits of Dynamic Resolution Encoding and support in DVB standards

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Data compression for 6 degrees of freedom virtual reality applications

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Encoding optimisations for video game live streaming

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Fast multi-encoding to reduce the cost of video streaming

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Towards an AI-enhanced video coding standard

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Automatic commentary training text-to-speech system for broadcasting

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Global news or romantic movies: how customer values are key for the entertainment experience

IBC2022 Tech Papers: An ultra-low bitrate video conferencing system with flexible virtual access patterns

IBC2022 Tech Papers: 5G Edge-XR project

IBC2022 Tech Papers: 5G trials and tribulations

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Immersive audio in large-scale sports production

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Helios: foundations for peer-to-peer social media platform for privacy-aware people and prosumers

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Providing immersive sign language education program utilising Android TV platform and AI technologies

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Taking steps toward greener streaming

IBC2022 Tech Papers: 5G-MAG reference tools

IBC2022 Tech Papers: An optimised ‘system approach’ deploying 5G technologies for mobile shooting of TV sport events

IBC2022 Tech Papers: A personalised pro-active smart environment to support a sustainable media usage

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Sustainability in the delivery of outside broadcasts

IBC2022 Tech Papers: Predicting energy usage of high dynamic range video on mobile devices

IBC2022 Tech Papers: 5G S-NPN for professional media production

IBC2022 Tech Paper: Post-pandemic adoption of cloud-hosted environments for video editing & tv production

Read and download any of the 24 IBC2022 Technical Papers in PDF format now!