• NetFX creates virtual environment for vendors and VFX artists to collaborate
  • Almost all Netflix features and series now feature some VFX work
  • Beta version of platform in use in Canada

Stranger Things VFX

Popular Netflix series Stranger Things uses VFX work

Source: Netflix

Netflix has unveiled NetFX, a cloud-based platform designed to make it easier for VFX suppliers, artists and creators around the world to collaborate on visual effects for its titles.

The streamer describes NetFX as a platform which “will provide collaborators frictionless access to infrastructure to meet Netflix’s demand for VFX services around the world as our library of original content continues to grow.”

Visual effects now feature in almost all of Netflix’s features and series, ranging from the creation of complex creatures and environments to the removal of objects and backgrounds.

According to Netflix, the platform offers virtual workstations, integrated storage and full access to secure rendering in a connected environment.

The streamer announced NetFX in a post on the Netflix Tech Blog titled ‘Empowering the Visual Effects Community with the NetFX Platform.’

“NetFX will allow us to scale and creatively iterate on our VFX work as never before,” said the streamer. “Vendors will be able to contribute artist resources to optimize capacity and individuals can participate on-demand. And this work can take place safely in a virtual environment, which is ever more important during the global pandemic.”

A beta version of the NetFX platform is currently in use in Canada with Netflix’s partners Frontier VFX and Galavant VFX.

By early 2021, NetFX will be available for vendors, artists and creators in Mumbai through a partnership with Anibrain.

Netflix says it hopes to offer NetFX as the platform develops in other regions where infrastructure can be deployed.

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