Sky is launching a new smart television which it says will dramatically simplify the way customers watch TV by integrating hardware, software and content.

Sky Glass allows viewers to watch Sky TV over WiFi with no satellite dish or box.

Sky Glass 1

Sky Glass

It comes as the company moves to solve what it sees as a consumer frustration with content as well as hardware being spread out across numerous gadgets and digital platforms. 

Sky partnered with design agency Map Project Office to create the TV design. Available in five colours and three sizes (43”, 55”, and 65”), Sky Glass is the first major product launch from the company since it was acquired by Comcast for £29.7bn in 2018.

The TV has a 4K UltraHD Quantum Dot display, and offers a 10-bit HDR screen that supports HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

The TV also has with six integrated speakers with Dolby Atmos sound and a sub-woofer designed in, so there is no need to buy a separate soundbar.

The TV is also voice activated, while the home page offers content from across Sky as well as leading streamers such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+, ITV Hub, All4, Spotify, Peloton and PlayWorks.

The company also plans to launch a 4K smart camera next year that will pair with Sky Glass and allow people to watch films together, play games, workout and join in calls.

Sky says that Sky Glass is the world’s first television to be certified as carbon neutral. It also has low power features including auto-switch-off and comes in recyclable packaging, free from single-use plastic.

Consumers will be able to either buy it in one go or to spread the cost with monthly payments in the same way they do when purchasing a mobile phone.

Sky Glass will be available from £13 per month for the 43” screen, but consumers will also need a Sky TV subscription, taking the cost to £39 per month.

The 55” screen is available for £17 a month, and the 65” screen for £21 a month on top of the Sky TV subscription, and all three will begin retailing from 18 October.

The full price is £649 (43”), £849 (55”) and £1049 (65”).

Speaking at the launch, Dana Strong, Sky group chief executive, said: “Sky Glass is the streaming TV with Sky inside, providing the total integration of hardware, software and content. Built on over 30 years of understanding what our customers want, this is a TV that only Sky could make. We believe this is the smartest TV available, and that customers will love it.”