Technicolor Creative Studios has appointed Bill Polson as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Polson joined the visual effects specialist in 2019 following a 19-year tenure at Pixar.

3. Technicolr.Bill Polson

Technicolr’s Bill Polson

Technicolor Creative Studios’ global network of studios includes The Mill, MPC, Mikros Animation and Technicolor Games.

The company said his role will involve steering the development of new technology platforms, enhancing digital capabilities, and ensuring the business remains synonymous with innovation in the creative and entertainment industries.

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“Bill’s vision for the future of technology in the creative industry aligns perfectly with our mission at Technicolor Creative Studios,” said Caroline Parot, CEO of Technicolor Creative Studios. “His profound understanding of both the artistic and technical sides of our business will be invaluable, as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in visual effects, animation, and other creative services.”

Polson said: “Technicolor Creative Studios has always been a place where technology and creativity converge to produce extraordinary results. I’m thrilled to take on this new challenge and contribute to the incredible work that sets us apart in the industry.”

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