This IBC365 themed week explores the latest technology and trends that will shape the way that content is produced. 

Through a webinar and a series of in-depth articles, IBC365 together with Dolby will examine the technology that will enable producers, creatives and craft talent to create richer and more immersive experiences.


Netflix dating show Sexy Beasts falls in love with Dolby Vision

When Lion TV updated the unscripted dating show Sexy Beasts for Netflix, it found that the greater colour gamut and high dynamics of Dolby Vision HDR had much to offer.

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Classic movies get the Dolby Atmos treatment

Dolby Atmos isn’t just a vital tool for today’s film and video content creators—it can also reach back in time to make classic movies better than ever.

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Top 5 future production trends

XR, virtual production, AI storytelling and computer gaming all plug into the growing Metaverse.

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Camera to cloud

Camera to Cloud (C2C) could represent the biggest change in video production since the shifts from film to tape and from tape to digital filmmaking.

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Future production: Cameras – reflecting reality remotely in real time

The pandemic has altered the progression of production technology in various ways, forcing R&D teams to implement remote working faster than intended, while also keeping many of them away from their labs and so stalling other, less pressing, advances.

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How PBS created a VR experience for its Short Film Festival

Find out how the PBS Innovation Team embraced the cloud to create and deliver an immersive viewing experience for its annual film contest.

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Webinar: 5G production

With its high data capacity and low latency, 5G technology could have a profound impact on the way that content is created.

Many early trials and case studies have focused on sport and music, from the use of 5G to relay footage from helmet mounted-cameras during the Winter Olympics to a more recent live music performance on MTV as part of the IBC Accelerator programme.

As the technology matures, additional use cases are being developed and more productions in other genres are looking to explore how 5G could be of benefit to their creative processes.

Join IBC365 and Nevion on Wednesday 11 August to explore how 5G technology will have a profound impact on the way that content is created.