ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI) has hailed the potential of 5G and called for vendors to work with the media giant on collaborative partnerships and technology innovation.

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ViacomCBS: Open for 5G focused collaborative partnerships through their iconic consumer brands

VCNI has set out how 5G is set to usher in ultra-reliable low latency and mass device connectivity, features which it said will revolutionise the media value chain from production through to distribution and consumption, unlocking new immersive and interactive experiences for TV, film, games and live event viewers, audiences and fans.

Launching a new position paper on the topic today, ‘Unleash 5G’s Full Potential Through Entertainment’. VCNI has set out eight key areas where the technology is already having or is expected to have a significant and positive impact across the entertainment supply chain and market.

These include areas where VCNI has already been strategically collaborating with industry to date, for example in a 5G-enabled remote production, as well as many areas where it foresees huge 5G potential for live sports, music, major events and gaming.

“Initial 5G launches have brought high-speed streaming to consumers over the last year, but we need to prepare for the real 5G revolution in terms of capabilities that will dramatically impact, disrupt and transform the entire media & entertainment content creation and distribution chain in the next three to five years,” said Brendan Yam, senior vice president and general manager, ViacomCBS, Digital Studios International.

Areas of impact

The eight areas VCNI sees most potential for 5G to enhance content and fan experiences, include High-Speed, High-Definition Live Streaming Anywhere; Immersive Media, Marketing & Brand Collaboration; Responsive Content; Talent & Fan Engagement; Live Marquee Events; Dedicated Production Bandwidth and Remote Production.

VCNI said that the real 5G game changers for entertainment, particularly for live sports, gaming and music, will be ultra-low latencies, boosted by edge computing and real-time mass device connectivity underpinned by dedicated network bandwidth. These elements will untether productions, enable digitised cloud workflows and unlock 360 immersive, interactive formats, such as VR, AR and mixed reality.

“In reality, widespread deployment of these capabilities, as part of the unfolding 5G standards is still a few years away. However, 2021 is the time to collaborate, to share insights and work together to understand the state of the art as we forge these exciting new media use cases,” added Yam.

VCNI has already many partnership deals in place with mobile operators around the world for distribution and other initiatives, but it is also keen to work alongside the networks, vendors, agencies and brands in the ecosystem to develop innovative multi-platform solutions that leverage its unrivalled, multidimensional content stable to unlock the full potential of 5G.

“Our doors are open for 5G focused collaborative partnerships and tech innovation,” added Olivier Jollet, senior vice president of strategy and business development, Streaming and Head of Mobile, ViacomCBS Networks International.

“Through world’s most iconic consumer brands, including MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and so many others with cross platform, global appeal, we can offer scale to cut through in a crowded entertainment market combined with unrivalled production, distribution, advertising and multi-format experience. Now is the time to partner with us in developing and leveraging the full potential of 5G to come.

“As network coverage expands, more 5G devices come onstream and the standard continues to evolve with all the sophisticated new capabilities promised, we believe we can really power the most exciting, immersive entertainment platforms, formats and propositions with premium, iconic entertainment brands for the next generation of entertainment hungry audiences and fans,” said Jollet.