Women still only represent a quarter of all film directors working in Europe, according to a European Audiovisual Observatory report.

The report on film professionals working in the European film industry found that women are still underrepresented in film and are often working in male-driven teams.

3. Women account for only 25% of all film directors in Europe

Women represent only 25% of all film directors in Europe

Between 2017 and 2021 women accounted for 25% of all directors of European feature films.

The gender gap was even more visible among composers and cinematographers, where women only represented 10% of the workforce.

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The highest female presence was among producers (34%) and screenwriters (28%).

 The gender ratio appears to be more balanced “on screen”, with actresses accounting for 39% of all acting professionals starring in at least one lead role in a feature film.

Behind-the-camera, the highest female presence was registered among producers (34%) and screenwriters (28%). 

The presence of female professionals in film crews was higher in documentary films than in other film genres. For instance, women accounted for 30% of directors of documentaries compared to 21% for live-action fiction films and 19% for animated features.

The report also found that, on average, female professionals in film crews worked on slightly fewer feature films than their male counterparts in the time period studied.

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