“Coffee first, business later”

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“Changemaking with integrity, meaningful and purposeful innovation,  not just change for  the sake of change.  And knowing when NOT to make a change too, “ are key says Wahlberg to making sure the right changes are made.

Hear how he brokered some powerful tech collaborations with Apple, Samsung, Google and Amazon amongst many many more well-known companies- fuelled mostly by caffeine.

Featuring: Johan Wahlberg, Head of Digital Partnerships, SVT

Johan Wahlberg SVT 3x2

Johan Wahlberg

After a Bachelor of Arts Magna Cum Laude in Radio-TV from University of Houston, Johan joined SVT in 1995 as video editor for Västnytt in Gothenburg. In 1991 he had started exploring the early days of Internet, a knowledge that from 1997 led to a 10 year period building SVT’s online services. In 2010 he became Head of Distribution Strategy working with both broadcast and internet distribution. In 2015 he joined the SVT Commissioning Board as Commissioner of Video Services for Interactive Platforms. Since 2018 Head of Digital Partnerships he has been responsible for SVT’s strategic relations with online partners as well as market trend analysis.