In this latest Changemakers Podcast, Nadira Tudor speaks to Lesley Paterson, co-writer behind Oscar Winning production, All Quiet on the Western Front, a film that was made thanks to the endurance of the triathlete turned screenwriter.

“Not everyone has £10,000 lying around”

In between training sessions and location-scouting for her next film, Triathlete, Filmmaker, Changemaker, Lesley Paterson took time out to talk to Nadira Tudor to share the story of how a triathlon-win helped fund Oscar-Winning, All Quiet on the Western Front and thrive in the cut-throat world of Hollywood. 


IBC Changemakers Podcast

The 5 times world champion triathlete; 4 times Oscars Winning and 7 times Bafta Award Winner also opens up about the importance of gratitude, coaching, grit and determination in wanting to change the world.

Featuring: Lesley Paterson, 5 times world champion triathlete, 4 times Oscars Winning & 7 times Bafta Award Winner