ITV has selected Friend MTS anti-piracy services to help protect its main linear channels across broadcast and streaming platforms.

Friend MTS’s 24x7 global monitoring service uses proprietary fingerprinting technology and automated detection systems, backed by a 24x7 operations team to identify illegal streams across the internet for immediate takedown.

7. ITV winning the battle against piracy with help from Friend MTS

Friend MTS anti-piracy services protects ITV content

This facilitates the removal of links from primary search engines resulting in enforcement against content fraud.

Sarah Tierney, Director of Distribution, ITV, said: “ITV’s aim is to contribute to making piracy unsustainable, and through appointing Friend MTS we will be working together to enhance our anti-piracy activities in the UK.”

Chris Gibbs, Senior Vice President of Sales, Friend MTS, added: “We are seeing a tide of key entertainment brands turning to us to help them fight piracy and keep their content secure.

“Reducing exposure to piracy means that advertiser messaging is seen by the right people, which is paramount for an ad-funded business like ITV.”

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Company: Friend MTS