Optiva Media provides metadata solutions and engineering services to some of Europe’s largest telecommunications and cable operators. Joaquín M. López Muñoz speaks about the company’s main areas of focus during the IBC SHOWCASE.

Q: What are the most pressing challenges facing the media and entertainment industry? 

Optiva Joaquin M. Lopez Munoz

Joaquín M. López Muñoz

A: Within a context of cord cutting/shaving and proliferation of OTT video players, the TV landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented. On the providers’ side, this potentially reduces margins for content producers and aggregators; as for end users, it is harder than ever to discover and navigate content across disconnected sources, and the resulting paradox-of-choice effect can lead to frustrating entertainment experiences. 

Q: What are the main areas of focus for your company during the IBC SHOWCASE? 

A: Optiva Media assists TV super aggregators, and TV companies in general, throughout their path from content to users, with special emphasis on metadata/media management and processing, multiscreen app development and end-to-end service quality assurance.

We are proudly showcasing MediaSuite, our suite of interoperable products for TV companies, comprising MediaStream for metadata management and enrichment, MediaTag for AI-assisted automatic tagging, MediaShot for automatic image extraction, and MediaCode for media processing orchestration. 

Q: What sets your company apart as a technology leader? 

A: At Optiva Media, we do all things TV and only TV. Our exclusive focus on TV and more than 20-years track record helping TV companies worldwide gives us a unique understanding of the industry that crystalises in MediaSuite, our product ecosystem for integrated metadata/media management. MediaSuite helps TV operators to manage and present the content in a relevant and meaningful way, in an efficient and timely manner. 

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