IBC2023: This Technical Paper presents KIKI, a virtual human avatar sign language intepreter, the importance of this creation and it’s goals for the future.


NHK Enterprises, Inc. has produced an avatar, KIKI, that looks like a real person. The texture of each facial part, the texture of the hair, and the fine texture of the skin are so realistic that one can almost feel the body temperature of her.

KIKI has debuted in 2023 to deliver information in Japanese Sign Language for making an Inclusive Society.


Why did we produce such a virtual human? In sign language, not only the movements of hands and arms, but also the movements of face, mouth, and body are the important elements of expression. It is also a language that communicates by using a wide range of space around the body, front, back, left, and right. Therefore, to accurately convey information, the avatar needs to be designed in a realistic 3D design.

Download the paper below.