• Globalisation impacting businesses at local level
  • Environmental sustainability to be top priority for companies in 2020
  • DPP MD Mark Harrison says report is “hype-free”

D1 Mark Harrison  DPP on IMF

DPP MD Mark Harrison: “hype-free” predictions

The DPP has published its annual media industries predictions revealing the challenges and opportunities affecting media supply chains. 

The media industry’s business network, the DPP, consulted its member companies to offer insightful and relevant estimates for the year ahead.

Among the eight predictions in the report - titled The DPP 2020 Predictions - it claims the impact of globalisation will be felt at a local level and will reset how businesses operate.

It also claims the resurgence of ad-funded content and transparency will become essential for business success.

DPP managing director Mark Harrison said: “The DPP’s annual predictions could safely be advertised as ‘hype-free’.”

It also forecasted that consumer choice will create complexity and challenge content providers’ attempts to own direct relationships and the ability to establish new behaviours around media.

As well the DPP’s group of industry experts predicted that environmental sustainability will be a background for everything that companies do in 2020.

Harrison added: “It’s a measure of just how seriously many media companies are now taking the climate emergency, that despite the prediction that the year ahead will be turbulent, they still insist sustainability must be a priority.

“It’s not a tick box exercise; it’s a genuine, heartfelt commitment.”

Video management company Imagen helped produce the predictions for the second year running.

Imagen chief marketing officer Helen Aboagye said: “Who would be brave enough to try and predict what’s next for a turbulent media and broadcast industry?”

“The DPP have an unrivalled ability to bring together industry leaders to identify emerging trends, debate the direction of travel and then make sense of it all in their annual report.

As a video management company, we’re keen to know where the media supply chain is heading; the analysis and insights in the report are invaluable and we’re delighted to share this information with the DPP community and beyond.”

Last month the DPP also published a report on delivering an IP future, aiming to shed light on the technologies that will enable the media and entertainment industry to deliver an all-IP future for content distribution.