With the coronavirus disrupting entire industries, IBC365 looks at how the media and entertainment sector can work remotely.


Post production: Working remotely with cloud technology

How the coronavirus could change the way we make TV
In light of the coronavirus pandemic, media organisations are having to quickly shift to remote production as a means of business continuity.

What pre-existed as a flexible option is now being adopted industry-wide as isolation lockdowns are enforced across the globe.

Transforming creative workflows: Making great content in the cloud
Cloud technology is key for virtualising content workflows and allows organisations to work and collaborate faster.

Watch this IBC365 webinar to hear how post-production companies embrace working in the cloud to produce and deliver video.

Shifting post-production to the cloud
Remote production in the cloud not only increases work flexibility but also saves costs through the business supply chain, allowing budgets to stretch further.

Remote editing software has been available using cloud services. IT has picked up adoption in the past few years and could see the entire industry now embracing the cloud revolution.

The cloud gets crowded
Cloud adoption for remote workflows was certainly a big topic at NAB 2019, at which production companies revealed a number of new launches.

Media is shifting to ‘intelligent visual experiences’ that go way beyond content streaming to the TV – bringing a number of new benefits and challenges for the sector.