Today’s consumers not only have a variety of content choices, they also enjoy the convenience of consuming this content when they want, the way they want. While this has made video viewing increasingly personalized, the ads that play in and around the video are still far from being personalized and relevant. Broadcast networks need to guard against viewer fatigue/loss while brands need to be increasingly conscious of the ROI on every ad dollar spent.

This paper highlights innovation done in contextual advertising using an additional metadata layer of in-video context. An approach that offers broadcasters the opportunity to optimally sell their video inventory and for brands to place their ad in the right program at the right time/place.

The result – not only the opportunities to show an ad increase, but also the yield per ad spot improves considerably. A win-win for both broadcasters and brands.


Consumption of video over the internet, be it on TV (IPTV) or any other device is the new normal. No wonder terms like “Cord-Cutters”, “Cord-Nevers” etc. are gaining traction and will become part of the mainstream going forward.

In the space of the content (video) consumption on an OTT platform (using IPTV, mobile, tablet), showing contextual ads is a currently a function of global attributes only. From the content perspective, typically parameters like the content type, title, genre, language etc. are considered. While from a user profiling standpoint, parameters like age, gender, and location dominate.

The traditional method of marrying these two sets of parameters to arrive at which ad to show (either predefined or real time) is limiting for both the publisher/ broadcaster and the advertiser. For the publisher, the volume of inventory is limited and yield per unit of inventory is sub optimum. For the advertiser, he/she might be missing out on any many opportunities (relevant points during the video) where serving the ad would make sense. Additionally with limited “context”, ROI on ad spends is not effective – don’t know if the right ad is being shown to the right TG at the right time!

The need of the hour is for a solution that increases the ad inventory and relevance without impacting the viewing experience.