“There is a lot more audience power out there and that is driving a lot of things that we are talking about at IBC” - Kate Bulkley  

Opening Keynote 

Facebook Product Director Dan Danker and Modern Times Group President and CEO Jørgen Madsen Lindemann will discuss the ways new audiences are shaping the future of broadcasting as the lines between traditional broadcasters and online video blur.

Fan engagement, new partnership and business models will be on the agenda in the IBC2017 Conference Opening Keynote. Fans, friends and the future of broadcasting

Technology forward 

The impact VR content will have on the industry is significant. From native content creation, interacting with audiences in new ways and creating new revenue opportunities, the Technology Forward Keynote: What’s happening in VR, AR and mixed reality with HTC President Viveport and SVP Virtual Reality Rikard Steiber

The IBC2017 Conference Streams