”The viewer experience is absolutely critical”

If viewers don’t get the right user experience (UX) they are looking for the likelihood of product returns or show dumping is statistically higher, Lindsay-Davies explains.  

”The viewer experience is absolutely critical to the success of any television or programme.”

He points to the “increasingly complex” relationship between audiences and the usability of content discovery.

“We try and keep the viewer at everything we do,” he added, ”Over the next year or so, we are going to see an even bigger impact of the increased use of IP - video over the internet - and that is not only going to enhance what viewers see but also it is going to create great opportunities for traditional broadcasters and the newcomers to the market.” 

Overcoming UX challenges
“Any innovation comes with the risk of breaking new ground from regulatory, technology or even user experience perspective,” he adds.

Despite the rise of content platforms from new media services and those emerging from traditional broadcasters, Lindsay-Davies explains how critical it is to “sustain the old,” because most people are still watching broadcast television.  

“We have also got to bring in new innovations as well and we have to do all of this in a regulatory framework which is not really designed for the internet video paradigm.

“We also have to do this in a manner which means that viewers are helped to be navigated through this massive pool of global content.”