The game took place at the Friendship Sports Centre in Amsterdam on 16 September as part of the celebrations of IBC’s golden anniversary. 

Scoring the first goal for IBC Legends was Sam Henselmans, but the Lucky Ajax defence was too strong with the skilled ex-professional players scoring double-figures in the second half of the match.

The final score was 17 to 4, but the real winners are the two charities, the Friendship Sports Centre and the Edwin van der Sar Foundation.

The two charities help to improve the life of children and adults with illnesses or disabilities by providing support and rehabilitation to improve their quality of life through participating in activities that aren’t readily available to them.

The football match helped to raise in excess of  €25,000. There is still time to donate, which you can do here.

The teams

Lucky Ajax 

  • Edwin van der Sar
  • Aron Winter
  • Olaf Lindenbergh
  • John Heitinga
  • Kevin Bobson
  • Kiki Musampa
  • Richard Witschge
  • Sjaak Swart
  • John Bosman
  • Simon Tahamata
  • Angelos Charisteas


  • Arno Splinter
  • Dennis Gerritsen
  • Brutil Hosé

IBC Legends

  • André van der Gun
  • Jaimy Willems
  • Mitchel van der Gun
  • Robert Lourens
  • Dean Wale
  • Jamie Shipway
  • Alan Caddick
  • Ambrose McNevin
  • Glenn Robinson
  • Isaq Chowdury
  • Jonathan Harland
  • Steve Connolly
  • Will Hewitt
  • Kristian Krbacevik
  • Stein Gauseride
  • Jeroen Simoons
  • Sam Henselmans
  • Tom Houtenbos
  • Joost Ringeling
  • Pim Bakkenes
  • Rocco Stokvis