Data usage in sport is about creating a personalised experience for the viewer while also taking insights about their preferences, according to a video panel of experts at IBC2019.

Speakers from The English Football Association, Formula 1, ESL and Eurosport spoke to IBCTV about how they are using data in their broadcast services.

According to George Aivazoglou, vice president marketing, sales and analytics, Eurosport, data is best used to enhance the viewer experience – but only if it is personalised. While some consumers may want on-screen graphics packed with information about their favourites sports or players, others prefer a purer experience.

Aivazoglou said: “It’s about giving consumers options. It is about personalising the experience for them – for some people that may be very data heavy and for others it may be less so.”

This was backed by F1’s Max Métral who said the racing organisation had recently partnered with AWS to boost its data offering.

“We have a lot of data in F1,” he said. “One of the key steps we’re taking is, in partnering with AWS, to put on-screen graphics to provide new information for the fans that they want to see in a smart and predictive way.”

They were joined by ESL’s Simon Eicher and Damien Cullen from the FA.