The panel agreed virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are going to compete and challenge the market.

“It will impact not so much the technology landscape in media and entertainment, it’s another force that is competing for entertainment eyeballs and time,” said IBM Cloud Video and Watson Media, VP of Product David Mowry. 

Ericsson Chief Technology Officer Broadcast and Media Services Steve Plunkett predicted that voice control will change the way consumers control their TV and find content.

He said: “Voice by any measure is a successful consumer technology. It will become a pervasive, routine, almost boringly ordinary part of interacting with technology.”


  • Adrian Drury, Technology Strategy & Insight Director - Liberty Global
  • David Mowrey, VP of Product - IBM Cloud Video & Watson Media
  • Orpheus Warr, CTO - Channel 4 Television
  • Steve Plunkett, CTO, Broadcast and Media Services - Ericsson